Update and call for contributions!

Update and call for contributions!

Where the heck has the summer gone? It was a brilliant, hot (some may say TOO hot) Summer here in the Northern hemisphere but that didn't deter us and our amazing designers from working too many rows of knitting to count - all in the efforts of our first issue! 

So where are we? Well, we finished the principle photography just over a week ago and have moved into the editing and production phase. We are also just finalizing our test knitting and tech editing - along with all the business side of things like contracts, suppliers, advertisers and printers. Its absolutely been a joy working with everyone involved in Rib thus far and we're incredibly excited to share the results with you.

We know you're just as eager to see the results - and we're going to be sharing some sneak previews on our Instagram feed now and again - but we don't want to give away all the fun just as yet! But in case you missed it on our Instagram feed, here's a sneak preview of one of our upcoming exclusives!

While we're working away on Issue #1: PATINA, we're also opening submissions for content and design for Issue #2: NAVIGATE - you'll find the details on this site by clicking here or on the Contribute link at the bottom of the page. Submissions will be accepted until November 30th - and we're REALLY looking forward to see what amazing things you might be inspired to create!

We'll have another update when we reach the next milestone - which will be our working draft of the magazine! Till then keep in touch on Ravelry or Instagram!

Happy knitting!!

Eric + Devon

On to the next phase!

On to the next phase!

Phew! Talk about a bundle of nerves! Will the tech work? (it did). Will the system let us down? (Not yet anyway). Did I make a spelling mistake? (I did - but Devon caught it. That's called teamwork.) Do I have spinach in my teeth? (You'd tell me, right?)

Today marks the start of the next phase of launching Rib - opening pre-orders to all of you! Its a pretty simple thing - a few clicks of the mouse or taps on the screen and next thing you know you're in queue for your very own copy of Rib.

For our fabulous local yarn shops, if you'd like to get in the action we're nearly ready to take your orders as well. If you're super keen and want to raise your hand early (I was one of those kids, who am I kidding) please email us at stockist@ribmag.com and we'll ensure you get the information as soon as its ready.

Finally, if you're an awesome yarn dyer, shopkeeper, or other cool soul who would like to advertise in our pages, we'd love to hear from you as well! Just visit www.ribmag.com/advertise or click on the link at the bottom of the homepage and we'll send you all the details.

With much humbled relief and gratitude for everyone who has already placed or is planning to place an order - happy knitting!!

Why I Knit?

Why do I knit? Hmmm... Interesting question. I know the "how" I came to knitting (my mom taught me many years ago and then my partner suggested we take it up again last Autumn as a "cheap" hobby", the "where" I knit (anywhere, really), the "when" etc etc. But the "why"? Is it for the stress relief? The end product? The sense of accomplishment? For women who have traditionally been "knitters", the answer might be a little more straightforward but for men in the fibre arts I suspect there's a complex and somewhat unnerving stutter that happens when we get asked that question.

We're definitely interested in hearing from men who knit as to the "why". If you're keen on answering that question and perhaps having your answer published in the launch issue of Rib, email us at whyIknit@ribmag.com with your answer and we'll be in touch. (Please keep your answers to 250 words or less and let us know if you're interested in being contacted for any follow up questions we might have). 

Thank you to all the awesome gentlemen who have already sent in their responses, we're extremely grateful for your contribution!

Happy knitting!
~ Eric



It's been only about a week since Devon and I publicly declared our intention to launch Rib Magazine - Knitting for men and those who knit for them. Let me tell you, if there was ever any fear or nerves about going public with the plans we've been making for quite some time they were pretty rapidly dispelled by the absolutely outpouring of support, interest, go-get-em's and Instagram hearts shared by you all.

We're very much feeling the love and support - and the pressure to live up to our commitment to bringing you the best men's knitting magazine we can. That's not to say that we won't make mistakes along the way, that there won't be hills to climb or bumps in the road - but we're committed to doing the very job best we can.

So what can you expect from Rib? Well, you can expect a high quality, well produced and written magazine with articles of interest to men who knit (and hopefully those who knit for them!), with gorgeous photography, beautiful scenery and, of course, great new patterns to knit. Each issue will follow a specific theme, one we feel will be timeless and allow you, the knitter, to revisit the patterns and content time and time again. We will be publishing Rib as a print magazine with Ravelry support for digital versions of the patterns. We hope to make Rib available to as many countries as possible.

In that context, we thought we'd share with you some of our plans for Rib - and what that means for you all. We are currently working with our amazing designers and contributors for the first issue and we're pretty set on what needs to get done between now and launch. We truly appreciate all of you who reached out with fresh ideas for content and articles and patterns - and we'll be issuing a call for submissions for Issue #2 a little later this summer. Please do hold those amazing ideas until then so you can see our vision for the next issue and can tailor your awesome ideas to meet what we're looking for.

That said, a common question we're being asked - and this is what's super gratifying to us - is "Where - and when - can I buy Rib?" Right here on this site, we'll be launching both pre-orders for individual copies along with wholesale orders for our stockist friends who might be interested in carrying the magazine for their customers. We truly want Rib to get into the hands of as many knitters - men and women alike - as possible. You'll be sure to hear more about that in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, let's enjoy the Summer heat (or Winter cool if you're Down Unda), keep those needles clicking and brains whirring and we'll be back in touch real soon. We'll be updating our Instagram feed with more behind the scenes looks at our progress from time to time - if you haven't followed us there yet, please do. If we haven't covered your specific question as yet - do feel free to drop us a line on our Contact page. We'll do our best to respond to you just as quickly as we can.

Happy knitting - 
Eric and Devon