Designer Spotlight: Fiona Ellis

Today’s post is the second in our four-part Designer Spotlight series. One of the patterns featured in Issue No. 2 | Navigate with a lot of buzz is the Rigging Pullover by Fiona Ellis—and for good reason! Read on to learn more about the design, how to approach garment finishing, and what Fiona has in store for Issue No. 3 | Alchemy.

What is your favorite design element in this garment?

I just love the collar on this sweater. It’s so cosy. Plus worn turned up, as in the photos, it is has a lot of drama too. The shaping is achieved by working short rows.

The Rigging Pullover and several other designs in the issue involve finishing tasks like seaming sweater pieces together. What advice do you have for a knitter who might be new to seamed garments?

Don’t be afraid of seaming. Like everything, in order to get really good at something we need to practice. Rigging is the perfect opportunity to work on that practice.

Everything goes more smoothly if you block the pieces first and set aside some time when you are not rushed or tired and when you have good light. I use mattress seaming for joining together nearly all my garments. I love when you draw up the thread, watching the pieces just snug up to each other so nicely.

Rigging Pullover

Tell us about your On-line, On-nine posts that appear on your blog.

I prefer to make monthly posts rather than a daily blog, and I chose the 9th of each month because my birthday is on the 9th. The posts are a creative outlet for me. They feature a nine patch of my photos, which are themed and arranged to make a strong visual statement. Then there’s a piece of personal writing, usually about creativity, knitting, art, or just what is currently inspiring me. Sometimes it takes a personal turn, but mostly it has a broad scope. Through it I hope to give readers a glimpse into my process and hopefully inspire them to seek out avenues of creativity for themselves.

You will have a design published in Issue No. 3 | Alchemy as well. What can you tell us about it?

Is this one of those times when I can tell you but then I have to “silence” you (double agent style)? My design for Alchemy features cables, but this garment uses one of my signature “morphing” patterns to reference the alchemy of changing one thing into something else. I can’t wait for you to see it.

Thank you to Fiona for taking time to answer our questions. You can find Fiona online in the following places:

Instagram: @fiona.ellis61

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