Update and call for contributions

Where the heck has the summer gone? It was a brilliant, hot (some may say TOO hot) Summer here in the Northern hemisphere but that didn't deter us and our amazing designers from working too many rows of knitting to count - all in the efforts of our first issue! 

So where are we? Well, we finished the principle photography just over a week ago and have moved into the editing and production phase. We are also just finalizing our test knitting and tech editing - along with all the business side of things like contracts, suppliers, advertisers and printers. Its absolutely been a joy working with everyone involved in Rib thus far and we're incredibly excited to share the results with you.

We know you're just as eager to see the results - and we're going to be sharing some sneak previews on our Instagram feed now and again - but we don't want to give away all the fun just as yet! But in case you missed it on our Instagram feed, here's a sneak preview of one of our upcoming exclusives!

While we're working away on Issue #1: PATINA, we're also opening submissions for content and design for Issue #2: NAVIGATE - you'll find the details on this site by clicking here or on the Contribute link at the bottom of the page. Submissions will be accepted until November 30th - and we're REALLY looking forward to see what amazing things you might be inspired to create!

We'll have another update when we reach the next milestone - which will be our working draft of the magazine! Till then keep in touch on Ravelry or Instagram!

Happy knitting!!

Eric + Devon

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