Why I knit

Why do I knit? Hmmm... Interesting question. I know the "how" I came to knitting (my mom taught me many years ago and then my partner suggested we take it up again last Autumn as a "cheap" hobby", the "where" I knit (anywhere, really), the "when" etc etc. But the "why"? Is it for the stress relief? The end product? The sense of accomplishment? For women who have traditionally been "knitters", the answer might be a little more straightforward but for men in the fibre arts I suspect there's a complex and somewhat unnerving stutter that happens when we get asked that question.

We're definitely interested in hearing from men who knit as to the "why". If you're keen on answering that question and perhaps having your answer published in the launch issue of Rib, email us at whyIknit@ribmag.com with your answer and we'll be in touch. (Please keep your answers to 250 words or less and let us know if you're interested in being contacted for any follow up questions we might have). 

Thank you to all the awesome gentlemen who have already sent in their responses, we're extremely grateful for your contribution!

Happy knitting!
~ Eric

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