Errata Issue 2: NAVIGATE

Cayley Pullover

The charts are mislabeled in the print issue: Cable Chart A is Cable Chart B and vice versa. If you're working from the Ravelry download, the error has been fixed. If you're working from the print issue, you will need to work Chart B on the front yoke and Chart A on the back.

The first row of the Back Yoke section should read as follows. Changes are noted in red.

Next Row (RS): Work in patt as est to 4 sts before shoulder marker, transfer 39 (39, 38, 40, 41) front yoke sts just worked to waste yarn, join new ball of yarn and BO 5 sts (rm for shoulder when you reach it), work in patt to end of row—42 (42, 41, 43, 44) sts rem for back yoke.